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I am SO living alone!   
05:43pm 30/05/2003
mood: moody
AAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHH! *screeches and rips out her hair* I'm going to BEAT SOMEBODY!

Okay, now that I've professed my irritation with my roommate x_x I got three new CDs today. Chromasex Monkeydrive, American Beast, and Anthems of Rust and Decay. So far I've only listened to AB all the way through, and I swear, the remake of Death made me cry. Errrrgh...it's just so...bare. Empty. Not as good as it was on Disrepair. But Cease is really pretty.

To-do list, for no good reason other than I have nothing to say:

- Check into getting a new bass.
- Check into getting a Korg Triton workstation.
- Call Brianna for confirmation on the side-project.
- Birthday in six days.
- Go downtown next Saturday to celebrate birthday.
- Redye hair. (Blonde? Black/blue?)
- Finish the tattoo on my foot. (Sharpie marker, anyone?)
- Kill Megan.
- Finish website for Bruxelles.
- Find a goddamn venue for a concert that is not already taken.
- Make friends with people in the Sac music scene.

On top of all of that, Misuka may be leaving the band. x_x She wants to go back to Osaka. Which means I may kick out that extra guitar part and just make it a four-person band, or maybe take over workstation-y type shit myself. If Erie Loch can do it, so can I. (Big man love, woo!)

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11:31pm 27/05/2003
mood: annoyed
Yeah, I'm regressing to my Chinese there for a minute ^^; I'm such a mixbreed it's not even funny.

Possible venue: Placerville, Veteran's Hall. I'm going there tomorrow morning to find out more about the capacity and if it's all-ages. I hate having to do 18+ shows because then it totally rules out all of the kids being able to go. And the kids are damn awesome. One of them asked me out to coffee one time! LOL It was great. I did say yes, by the way. But I think he had a crush on me...

Meh, this is a short entry because my roommate is being...what's that term? A fucking asshole. So I'm going to go off, watch The Red Violin again, and trip her on the way out. 'Cos I'm just a sweetheart.

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Another famous disappearance.   
01:14pm 25/05/2003
  You know, I really need to update this journal. Appearance-wise, and entry-wise.

It's been busy...summer's coming up soon, I'm going to be 22 soon, ahhhh! Sweet! Bruxelles party at my house, WOOOO! I'll probably get a celebratory tattoo or something like that. Which will make number 12, I think...uh...*counts* Yeah.

By the waaaay...I got my lip pierced XD It hurt, but it looks damn cute.

I'm thinking of redyeing my hair. The red's getting a little...uhhh...red. Something more normal, like black and red, perhaps? I don't know. I got a new LJ icon too, because the old one was the crappiest picture of me in the world.

Where the hell IS everyone, anyway? The group journal's been quiet.

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Override THIS!   
03:02pm 04/05/2003
mood: busy
So I finally figured out how to do total customisations of my journal. Which means that the ugly pink and grey layout...is going to be kicked to the curb. Awwwwyeah baby.

Should have been devoting my soul to the band's website, but...Elane actually slacked off this weekend. A few unplanned bouts of exhaustion, viewings of Gone With the Wind, and glimpses of Sean Connery's ass later, she realises "Hey, it's Sunday and I've done practically nothing."

-_-; Fuck.

On a happy note, I'm getting a new bass. Why? Because mine is too messed up to even begin repairing. So I traipsed down to the little hole-in-the-wall music store and picked out a shinyhappycandyappleredglittery Johnson bass. No clue who the hell Johnson is, but I've been told they're a decent brand, and when I tested it out, it sounded really good. Perhaps someday I'll have enough money for an ESP F-204.

Well, I'm going to go work on the site before it kills me knowing that I've been a bad, bad girl. I've been careless with a delicate man. And it's a sad, sad -- okay, no more Fiona Apple.

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Whoa damn, buddy!   
10:16pm 01/05/2003
mood: awake
Yeah...wow, the site ate my soul for a while there. I've been working my tail off trying to get everything done, and I'm happy to report that we should have Bruxelles' official website up and running in a few days ^^

So I'm thinking I need a new cell phone. The contract's up on mine, and it kind of sucks. I hate Nokias. The only reason I got the 3390 was because I wanted the digital composer feature on it. What I'd really like is one of the Japanese cell phones that has the webcam built into it, but they don't even have those in this country yet. Cell phone charms are so cute...I want a flippy phone though.

Planning on taking a trip down to Sub-Q one of these days soon to see about getting some metal put in my face. I've got eleven tattoos, and the only piercings I have are in my ears. So I'm looking at getting a hoop put through the centre of my lip. One piercing at a time, I figure...unless I get really brave (read as: drunk) and get my eyebrow and nose done at the same time. I wonder what Max is going to think of this? ^^;

I need a new daytime job...seriously, I think I'm going to quit soon. Pizza is not my thing. The local Starbucks is hiring, I'll probably go there and check out any job opportunities. Need...cash...ARGH. My baby needs to be restrung soon, I think I'm going to lose the D string any moment now. That's what I get for playing it to death.

Well, that's a glimpse into Elane's boring, single-woman life. And now I'm off!

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I need more rupees!   
06:01pm 27/04/2003
mood: angry
Okay, so not only am I sucking at Zelda, but now I've got to deal with a teary-eyed-semi-suicidal-phonecall from Ravena. And now she's sitting in my apartment, crying over a box of tissues and a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Why? Because of a total ASSHOLE whose AIM name is isdmobile and who should be instant messaged and harassed until he kills himself.

A while ago, Ravena got involved with Veronica. Veronica was wonderful and sweet and charming, Ravena never said a bad thing about her, et cetera. And then one day, Veronica left a suicidal message and then disappeared from Ravena's life. So our darling Vena panicked, figured that her lover was dead, and lived with the idea that she had committed suicide and such.

Then Ravena finds out that not only is Veronica alive, she ran off. WITH A MAN. AND GOT MARRIED.


Vena posted this conversation in her LiveJournal. Taken from events which transpired between her and this husband asshole.

isd mobile: "would you jump off of a cliff for me? how high is the cliff?"
isd mobile: a classic exchange
Petitkittyalice: what are you talking about?
isd mobile: you said that to veronica
isd mobile: right after "do you love me"
Petitkittyalice: ...what the fuck do you want?
isd mobile: you know you're pretty funny
isd mobile: although probably unintentionally
Petitkittyalice: leave me alone. please.
isd mobile: are you going to go cut yourself?
isd mobile: you should try cutting yourself properly

...Veronica should have honestly killed herself. I hope that both of them fucking die horrible flaming deaths. In fact, fuck it, I'm going to go play until my fingers bleed because hell, I'm about to smash my fist THROUGH THE FUCKING DOOR. GO TO HELL, BOTH OF YOU.

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11:29pm 21/04/2003
mood: surprised

I just overheard a phone conversation between them! Miyuki is the cute Japanese girl that Misuka's been ranting about! MISUKA! AND! MIYUKI! What the hell does Miyuki see in Suka anyway?!

Mou...now is one of those times I need a cigarette. In fact, I'm grabbing for my lighter right this minute. I thank whoever invented Lucky Strikes and all their unadulterated rat-poison-y goodness.

But Miyuki just cheered me up. Oh god. She emailed me a song she wrote and it's just amazing. How can such an adorable little girl with such a sweet face be so angry? Hehe, maybe that's a question I should ask myself. ^_^

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Misuka made me do it.   
11:48pm 20/04/2003
mood: amused
Just so that I don't annoy people.Collapse )

Am I really that apathetic about things?

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Secondhand smoke is DANGEROUS!   
11:32pm 20/04/2003
mood: awake
Misuka's trying to kill me, I swear she is. She's sitting in the bedroom, chain-smoking as usual. The door is closed to keep the cat out. It's too cold outside to open the windows. God, I cannot see the damn computer screen through all of the smoke.

Okay, I know I'm not exactly the cigarette virgin, but at least I do it outside and I only have a couple of them when I'm upset. Well, to be honest, a couple is more like three-quarters-to-a-whole pack. It's just the principle of the thing.

So...I've been working on getting screencaps of the Bruxelles DVD. What a painstaking process that is. At least I've managed to gather a very small gallery of photos. Now I've just got to make thumbnails, write the code for the gallery, do a final cleanup on the images to make sure they don't look like total crap...ugh! I wish there was someone else who could do this! But Misuka's code-retarded, so she's no help at all.

I need to get Suka her own journal. She keeps insisting on borrowing mine, but um...no.

It's so late...Easter was boring. It mainly consisted of me sitting on my floor cushions in front of the TV with a Cup-o-Noodles, some green tea, and my yellow cat chopsticks. The movie du jour? Dir en grey's MACABRE Tour from 2000. No subtitles, no English dubbing at all, but hey, the perks of being Asian include being able to understand such filmy-things.

Mou...I really, really need to take some time off from being a workaholic and do something for myself. Maybe go on a date, if I could find someone for that sort of thing. Even Misuka's got a romantic life...she's got that mysterious lover of hers that she won't mention very much about. Although I got her to admit it was another Japanese girl. Hmmmm...

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Easter bunny? HAH!   
07:51pm 19/04/2003
mood: blah
So it's Easter tomorrow...and I bet everyone's sort of wondering about my plans for it. Seeing as I don't really have any family to spend it with, and I'm sure everyone else in the band has got some kind of spectacular celebration planned for themselves.

Ravena's being anti-Easter. I had to fight her just to get her to colour eggs with me. I picked out a pretty glitter set of dyes, but she really didn't seem to care. I think she painted four eggs and then wandered off to go watch The Matrix again. Misuka and I are obligated to stay together for the holiday since we share living quarters, but I think she's going out and getting drunk downtown. Hmmmm, maybe I'll go with her.

Of course, I got the site layout done. It's pretty. I used a photo of a cross-gravestone and layered a bunch of Photoshop brushes on it to make it look like a still from an old horror movie or something. Hurray Old Film, Ancient Texts, and Wet Cardboard!

Yeah, that's probably what I'll do. Go through a bag of jellybeans, a couple bottles of beer, and work on the site. Those galleries will eat my soul.

I need some love in my life -_-

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I hate Livejournal sometimes.   
06:53pm 18/04/2003
mood: annoyed
Aghhhhhh...LJ deleted my first entry. x_x The ineptness of this blogging service amuses me.

Kurage-san is helping me out with the Bruxelles site by getting some photos of me together. Now I've got to take up the task of getting photos of everyone else...eeek, this is going to be harder than it looks. Damn Suka for dropkicking that scanner across the room! I'm normally a peaceful person, but if she EVER does that to any of my tech equipment again, I'll slap her so hard her crack-addict grandchildren will feel it!

I really need to bust my arse on getting some lyrics typed up for the site. Arrr matey. (I've been talking like a pirate out of frustration, do ignore me.)

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